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The Alliance funds a variety of HPSR projects, programmes and approaches across low- and middle-income countries. Each follows an innovative approach in health policy and systems research, led by institutions, individual researchers, policy-makers and other key research-users.

These projects are not only grants - they are also commissioned studies to shed more light on an emerging topic; to fill an identified gap, or to respond to demand on a particular research issue. Some of these are opportunistic, while others provide the background work for larger research projects.

The Alliance's projects can be searched through the following categories: strategic areas of work, thematic areas and geographical areas.

Alliance's strategic areas of work

Thematic areas

Geographical areas

Please be advised that while the Alliance ensures technical review of all grantee products, it does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the information found in grantee reports. Further, the responsibility for opinions expressed in grantee reports rests solely with their authors, and publication on this website does not constitute an endorsement by the Alliance of the opinions expressed in them.

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