Alliance partners


  • Action pour l'Enfance et la Santé, Burkina Faso

  • ADRA India, India

  • AfHea, Senegal

  • Asociación Comunitaria de Salud Sexual del Campo de Tarragona, Spain

  • Center for Reproductive and Family Health (RaFH), Center for Reproductive and Family Health, Viet Nam

  • Forum for Human Rights and Public Health-Nepal (Friendship- Nepal), Health and Human Rights, Nepal

  • Fundación de Medicina Familiar y Preventiva, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Unidad de Medicina Familiar, Argentina

  • Fundación Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia

  • GEOPS, Uruguay

  • Gram Bharati samiti (GBS), Health & HIV/AIDS, India

  • Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, Hospital Planning and Administration, Uganda

  • Health and Development Africa, Technical Support Facility, South Africa

  • Healthy Child Uganda, Centre for Innovation and Research in International Development, Canada

  • Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD), Cote d'Ivoire

  • Medical Action Group Management, Philippines

  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, International Division International, United Kingdom

  • NMDHB, Planning and Funding, New Zealand

  • Prarthana Charitable Trust, India

  • Sadhana Insitute for Sustainable Development, Program, India

  • Seva Mandir, India

  • Social Health Insurance, Networking and Empowerment (SHINE), Philippines

  • Urban Health Resource Centre, Programme, India

  • Ventio Organisation Ltd, Research and Development, Turkey