A first glance at the findings from an Alliance-led study on fund flows for HPSR at Forum 2015


24 September 2015 | Results from a first-ever study of fund flows for health policy and systems research (HPSR) to low- and-middle income countries was presented by the Alliance at the Global Forum on Research and Innovation for Health (Forum 2015) held this year in Manila, Philippines.

Decision-maker led implementation research to improve the performance of immunization programmes

Decision-maker led implementation research protocol development workshop, Montreux, Switzerland (17-21 August 2015)

4 September 2015 | Using implementation research to understand systems failures that create barriers to implementation was the key issue addressed in the protocol development workshop held 17-21 August in Montreux, Switzerland. The workshop, organized by the Alliance in collaboration with UNICEF with funding from GAVI, follows a call for research launched in February.

PRIMASYS: A case study approach to understanding primary care systems

Primary Care Systems Profiles and Performance (PRIMASYS) meeting, Geneva, Switzerland (22-23 July 2015)

17 August 2015 | On 22-23 July, experts met in Geneva to raise key issues in support of Primary Care Systems Profiles and Performance (PRIMASYS) – a new initiative being implemented by the Alliance. PRIMASYS aims to lend a new perspective to existing knowledge on primary care systems by adding an understanding of the dynamic processes and contextual factors that impact health systems performance. Through the development of case studies, PRIMASYS will support policy-makers, practitioners, development agencies, and other similar entities think strategically about health systems issues.

Why ethical guidance is needed for health policy and systems research

Expert consultation on guidance for HPSR, Zurich, Switzerland (23-24 July 2015)

3 August 2015 | On 23-24 July, experts debated key considerations for the ethical review of health policy and systems research. The resulting recommendations will be incorporated into a guidance document for use by ethics review committees and institutional review boards. The guidance document is being developed by the Alliance, in collaboration with the WHO Department of Knowledge, Ethics and Research and the University of Zurich.

Recent news

  • 28 August

    Webinar Explores Debates and Issues around Standards of Evidence for Reproductive Health Decision-Making

    More than 150 researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from over 30 countries participated in a timely webinar entitled, “Standards for Identifying Evidence-based Practices in Reproductive Health”, co-organized by the Evidence Project, STEP UP Consortium, the High Impact Practices (HIP) Initiative, and the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research.

  • 24 August

    Reviewers sought for new guidance on reporting implementation/operational research

    New guidelines are being developed to improve the consistency and reliability of reporting on implementation and operational research. Reviewers are being sought for peer review of these guidelines, which will be published in relevant journals and on the EQUATOR website that helps improve the quality of research publications and the research itself.

  • 30 July

    New Fellowship Program in Implementation Research and Delivery Science at the Alliance

    The Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of a new fellowship program in implementation research and delivery science (IRDS) for public health Master and Doctoral candidates. The purpose of this fellowship program is to build the capacities required to apply IRDS to the scale up of effective program and policy interventions.

  • 17 July

    Advancing the field of health systems research synthesis - the HSR Synthesis Advisory Group

    The Alliance-assembled Advisory Group on Health Systems Research Synthesis has published a Commentary in Systematic Reviews. The Commentary describes the rationale for the establishment of the Advisory Group, its six areas work, and its role in advancing the field of HSR synthesis, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

  • 30 June

    iPIER PAHO Embedded Research Data Analysis Workshop

    From 2-4 June, the Alliance, in collaboration with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), hosted a data analysis workshop in Rosario, Argentina for the Improving Programme Implementation through Embedded Research (iPIER) programme. The workshop fostered the production of policy-relevant findings from seven different implementation research projects led by decision-makers in six Latin American countries.

What is Health Policy and Systems Research?

Health policy and systems research (HPSR) is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand and improve how societies organize themselves in achieving collective health goals, and how different actors interact in the policy and implementation processes to contribute to policy outcomes.

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