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The Alliance issues calls for proposals and bids on a regular basis targeted towards institutions from low- and middle-income countries.

Results from recent calls

Call for Decision-Maker Led Implementation Research for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health

In January 2014, the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research in collaboration with UNICEF, issued a research call for decision-maker led implementation research for maternal, newborn and child health. The purpose of the call was to generate new strategies and knowledge to enable the more effective implementation of existing programmes. As a result of the practical orientation of the field of implementation research, implementers of health programmes and interventions (e.g. programme managers, district health officers, and practitioners) in low and middle income countries were the target audience of this call. Following a extensive selection process, 10 research teams – representing geographical regions such as South America, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, South Asia and Africa (full list below) – have been invited to attend a week-long intensive protocol development workshop in Montreux, Switzerland in August 2014.

Implementation Research Call for Case Studies: Taking Results-Based Financing from Scheme to System

As a result of significant interest in the use of strategic purchasing mechanisms such as RBF that links provider payments to quantity or quality indicators as a means to improve the performance of health systems, the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research in collaboration with the WHO Department of Health Systems Governance and Financing, launched a new implementation research programme in April 2014 on results-based financing (RBF). The aim of this call was to support the development of analytical case studies on RBF initiatives in select low and middle income countries that could help address questions on enablers and hindrances in the transition of RBF from a scheme/project to being fully integrated into the health system. The call was also intended to inform and facilitate decision-making with regard to the scale up and integration of existing RBF initiatives into national health systems.

Following an extensive independent review, 11 teams were selected, representing countries such as Rwanda, Cameroon, Kenya, Cambodia, Armenia, and Burundi (full list below). The teams will be attending a protocol development workshop in Antwerp, Belgium in October 2014.

Follow our progress on taking RBF from scheme to system

For this year-long project, we will engage the 11 selected country teams by sharing their progress, thinking, challenges, and early findings as they evolve. Follow our journey through this project with the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp by visiting the link below.

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