The Alliance Secretariat

The Alliance Secretariat is administered by WHO and composed of the Alliance Executive Director appointed by WHO in consultation with the Alliance Board and has a small secretariat, also appointed by WHO.

The Secretariat's functions are to:

  • conceptualize, develop and coordinate the strategy of the Alliance;

  • consult with all partners to develop consensus on the Alliance strategy and create a global network of partners engaged in health systems research initiatives;

  • direct and/or commission the main programmes, projects and activities of the Alliance, including measures to ensure the quality of resulting products;

  • direct the development of practical guidelines and best practices related to health systems research, as well as scientific publications in peer reviewed journals;

  • plan, develop and implement a global advocacy strategy for health systems research and a global resource mobilisation strategy;

  • develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework for the Alliance;

  • lead a multi-disciplinary team to develop and implement the Alliance workplans; and

  • manage the human and financial resources of the Alliance, as well as the work of the Alliance Board and STAC and such other groups as may be set up by the Alliance Board.