General Assembly proclaims the Decade of Action on Nutrition

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1 April 2016 -- The United Nations General Assembly today agreed a resolution proclaiming the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition from 2016 to 2025.

The resolution aims to trigger intensified action to end hunger and eradicate malnutrition worldwide, and ensure universal access to healthier and more sustainable diets – for all people, whoever they are and wherever they live. It calls on governments to set national nutrition targets for 2025 and milestones based on internationally agreed indicators.

New WHO guideline: Daily iron supplementation in infants and children

buffet picture - daily iron supplementation in infants and children

1 April 2016 -- This new WHO guideline provides global, evidence-informed recommendations on daily iron supplementation in infants and children, as a public-health intervention for the prevention of anaemia and iron deficiency. It includes recommendations for iron supplementation in countries where malaria is prevalent.

Breastfeeding in the context of Zika virus

breastfeeding mother
WHO/TDR/Fernando G. Revilla

8 March 2016 -- WHO, together with partners, has developed technical guidance and training materials that can used by countries. The purpose of this document is to provide interim recommendations to guide breastfeeding practices in the context of Zika virus. A systematic review of evidence will be conducted in March 2016 to revise and update these recommendations.

Improving nutrition outcomes with better water, sanitation and hygiene

Mother and baby in African market

19 November 2015 -- This document, jointly prepared by WHO, UNICEF and USAID, summarizes the current evidence on the benefits of WASH for improving nutrition outcomes and describes how WASH interventions can be integrated into national nutrition policies and programmes to add value. It will also serve as a valuable tool to help countries implement the policy options on WASH that are recommended in the Framework for Action adopted by the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) held in Rome in November 2014.