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20 October 2016

Early warnings on disease outbreaks guide response in Nigeria

WHO has rapidly expanded and strengthened disease detection and response in support of the Government of Nigeria’s response to the humanitarian crisis in north eastern Nigeria, where 3.7 million people are in need of health assistance.

Within two weeks of scaling up its emergency response in late August 2016, WHO rolled out its Early Warning Alert Response System in 56 health facilities in Borno state.

28 September 2016

Region of the Americas is declared free of measles

Smiling siblings from South America

The Region of the Americas is the first in the world to have eliminated measles, a viral disease that can cause severe health problems, including pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and even death.

This achievement culminates a 22-year effort involving mass vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella throughout the Americas.

14 September 2016

WHO and partners battle multiple disease outbreaks in South Sudan

In Mingkaman, the “EWARS in a box” kits arrive by UN helicopter. Due to poor road conditions access to more remote areas or those in conflict is only possible by air, especially during the rainy season.
WHO/C. Haskew

Infectious diseases continue to pose a major public health threat in South Sudan. Adding to the chronic burden of disease, regular outbreaks further threaten people's health.

In a conflict setting, WHO and partners are responding to multiple outbreaks including cholera, malaria, measles, suspected hemorrhagic fever, and kala-azar.

24 August 2016

Mass vaccination campaign to protect millions against yellow fever

One of the largest emergency vaccination campaigns ever attempted in Africa has begun in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo as WHO and partners work to curb a yellow fever outbreak that has killed more than 400 people and sickened thousands more. Working with Ministries of Health in the 2 countries, WHO is coordinating 56 global partners to vaccinate more than 14 million people against yellow fever in more than 8000 locations.

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